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Yeshivas Ohr Reuven

You can download the latest audio library catalog by clicking the link below:


Visit Rabbi Menachem Apter’s website at www.rabbiapter.com.  Most of the shiurim on his website are given in Yeshiva, and he has Parsha Shiurim, Yamim Tovim, and Hashkafa Shiurim available to download from his website.


The Yeshivas Ohr Reuven audio library is a growing collection of shiurim recorded at the yeshiva and at yeshiva events. There are hundreds of shiurim in the library and we are continuously cataloguing old archives and adding them to the library.

The following shiurim are available below:
  • All shiurim recorded this year (usually posted within a day or two)
  • All shiurim recorded last year
  • Parsha Shiurim of the upcoming Parshios
  • Shiurim on upcoming Yomim Tovim
  • Special requests

All shiurim are provided free of charge, with the philosophy that Torah should be available anywhere anytime. Please utilize and spread the word. We do suggest giving the yeshiva a donation if you use this website.
Click here to give a donation online.

Special requests for shiurim can be made, and if we have what you are looking for available we can post it on the website. Click here to email us for special request shiurim and shiur sets.

You can also stop by the yeshiva to load up on shiurim. We can burn you a CD of MP3 files of a particular subject, or you can bring your Ipods/MP3 players directly to have us copy the files for you. Please contact us first on the contact page to schedule a time for this.

And also, please contact us should you find any errors or problems with any shiurim.