Limudei Kodesh


At Yeshiva Ketana Ohr Reuven, our talmidim are taught in a positive, nurturing and child-oriented environment, reflective of “דרכיה דרכי נעם” – “the ways of the Torah are ways of pleasantness”. Our Limudei Kodesh Program strives to nurture a talmid who is imbued with a sense of derech eretz internalized within himself and expressed in his interactions with others. Our belief and our hope is that the lessons we transmit overtly and covertly will develop and cultivate talmidim with a strong sense of yiras shomayim and dveikus baHashem.



Kriah is the foundation for all learning. Our Preschool Moros and our Rebbeim apply their expertise carefully and incrementally teaching and reinforcing kriah knowledge. This is done to ensure that beginning readers develop into competent, independent learners. In Preschool our activities are exploratory, hands on and tactile, moving on in lower grades to more skill based worksheets and texts, always guided by a supportive and encouraging Rebbe. Talmidim need assistance maintaining and furthering their skills transitioning from grade to grade and throughout the summer. To this end we have even instituted a fun and engaging summer program called “Kriah Knockers”.


Talmidim who are now capable readers can easily segue into fundamental Chumash skills. Our curriculum utilizes materials that are engaging, vibrant and creative. Our Rebbeim masterfully provide our talmidim with basic skills. Our Chumash Bright Beginnings Program is meticulously designed to enable students to decode words and easily recognize the most common shorashim found in Chumash. It is designed with a logical, clear and precise layout. New concepts are systematically introduced and reviewed assuring comprehensive mastery of critical translating skills. The goal of our Chumash program is for talmidim to be able to independently recognize and translate a significant portion of the Chumash text.


While keeping sight of the Chumash and reading skills attained, the talmidim feel confident taking on new challenges in beginning Torah shebal peh. With siyata d’shmaya and fanfare the boys begin their foray into the shisha sidrei mishna. We begin with meseches Sukkah that describes many mitzvos the boys naturally experience throughout the Yomim Tovim. The classroom is filled with abstract and hands-on learning experiences. The Rebbeim artfully bring the concepts from text to life utilizing technology in the classroom. Each classroom Rebbe brings his own chinuch blend of warmth, knowledge, expertise and creativity to the various grade level Mishna experiences.


It is only through the development of crucial Mishnayos skills that the foundational skills necessary are developed for Gemarah learning. Hascholas Gemarah marks the beginning of a talmid’s personal focus in life-long learning. Gemarah encompasses both concrete and abstract thinking. Gemarah embraces a novel style of textual communication.

Talmidim now must become Aramaic experts, learning and internalizing terms that will repeatedly surface in their journey through Mishnayos, Gemaros, Braysos, Rishonim and Achronim. A new lexicon of Gemarah-specific vocabulary spiced with terms such as machlokes, tana kama and Rabbonon is taught.

Talmidim need to tax their brains to maximum capacity utilizing higher order cognitive skills such as synthesis and evaluation. Rebbeim utilize technology to engage students and gather student individual and class success data. We have moved from the traditional text and worksheet model to incorporate a computer based Student Response System (S.R.S.) for talmidim. Teaching materials are dynamic, accurate and on target for the changing face of chinuch.


The charge of both parents and Yeshiva is “gam ki yazkin lo yasur mimenu”, that our children live lives as shomrei Torah u’mitzvos. Towards that end, our curriculum scaffolds the halachic knowledge that allows talmidim to live their lives according to Halacha, i.e.: Brochos, Shabbos, Yomim Tovim, Krias HaTorah, Tfillin, Shmitta, etc.


These curricular areas are helpful in the development of a well-rounded and knowledgeable ben Torah. Our goal is that our talmidim use this knowledge as a resource from which to draw throughout their Yeshiva experience and beyond.


  • Learning Enrichment

    • Summer “Kriah Knockers” Program
    • Pre-Minyan Mishnayos Program
    • Special Shmoozen for upper grade talmidim
    • Daily Dvar Halacha
    • Mishmor Program
    • School-wide Shnayim Mikrah Program
  • Parent School Partnerships

    • Father & Son Rosh Chodesh Minyan & Breakfast
    • Simchas Bais Hashoeiva
    • N’shei
    • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • School Dinner
    • Ladies Tea
    • Community Workers Program
    • Reuven Review
    • Blue Note Recognition Cards
  • Middos Development

    • Middos Mensch
    • Shomrei Halashon
    • Moshlei Halashon
    • Konei Olam
    • Shalom Secrets
    • Seder Nikayon Program
  • Tfilla Enhancement

    • Shomrei Shacharis
    • Kol Kol Yakov
    • Birchas Hamazon B’kol Contest
  • Special Events

    • Matnas Shabbos Erev Shabbos Program
    • Shmiras Einayim Program
    • Zchor Yemos Olam – Churban Europa
    • Rosh Chodesh Assemblies
    • Yom Tefilla
    • Chanukah Chagiga
    • Adar Carnival
    • Pre-Purim Dress Up Day
    • Lag B’Omer
    • Guest Speakers
    • Class Performances
  • Field Trips

    • Visiting Gedolim
    • Nursing Home
    • Matzoh Bakery
    • Eiruv Trip
    • Jewish Children’s Museum
    • Local Parks
    • Apple Picking
    • Overnight Graduation Trip