Picture Gallery

YKOR 5782-Rabbi Biller’s 2nd grade talmidim acting out parshas Lech Lecha!

YKOR 5782-Pictures of our talmidim from Succos!

YKOR 5782-Rabbi Prupas with his 7th graders shopping for Arba Minim!

YKOR 5782-Preparation for Rosh Hashana!

YKOR 5782-1st day of Yeshiva!

Yeshiva’s 30th Anniversary Dinner-May 9th

“YKOR 5781 5th grade Haschalas Gemara father and son celebration

“YKOR 5781 Chanukah Carnival”

“YKOR 5780 Pre-1A Drive by Siddur Party”

“YKOR 5780 Lag B’Omer Drive by Parade- May 12th”

“YKOR 5780 Rabbi Biller’s 3rd grade Mechiras Yosef play” – March 1st

“YKOR 5780 1st Grade Hascholas Chumash Celebration” – November 2019

“YKOR Talmidim Help Out at the Chasdei Lev Pesach Distribution”- March 31

“Rabbi Robinson’s Fifth Grade Haschalas Gemara”- February 10

“Rabbi Prupas’ Seventh Grade Father and Son Breakfast Siyum”- January 6

“Pre1A Flies Off To Eretz Yisroel on Asarah B’Teves”- December 18th

“Pre1A Professional Day”- November 21

“N’shei Tea”- November 11

“Rabbi Prupas’ Seventh Grade Enjoying a Beautiful Day in November” – November 6

“Rabbi Biller’s 3rd Grade Haschalas Mishnayos Celebration” – October 28

“First Through Third Grade On Their Trip To Ruach Hachaim Park As A Reward For Their Sukkos Learning” – October 10

“The Rosh HaYeshiva Giving a Shmooze on Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan” – October 10

“YKOR Talimidim Preparing for Yomim Noraim” – September 17

“The Rosh HaYeshiva Welcoming Talmidim to the New School Year” – August 30

“End of Year Rebbeim Luncheon” – June 20

“Siyum Hashana” – June 20

“8th Grade Graduation” – June 20

“1st Grade Breakfast Siyum” – June 20

“8th Grade Siyum Mishnayos” – June 17

“Honors Dinner” – June 17

“8th Grade Graduation Trip” – June 13, 14

“YKOR Project Based Learning Fair”

“Siddur Play Party” – June 10

“3rd Grade Baseball Trip” – June 6

“Hasmadah Program Ice Skating Trip” – May 30

N’shei Shiur

“Erev Shavous in YKOR” – May 18

“Asifas Chizuk Hatorah-Likras Chag Shavuos for Dovi Brodie” – May 17

“YOR’s 26th Annual Dinner” – May 13

“4th Grade Trip to West Point” – May 9

“Torah Mesorah Convention” – May 4

“Lag B’omer in YKOR” – May 3

“Pre 1-A’s Visit to Cheder Chabad” – May 3

“8th Grade Lag B’omer Kumzitz”

Dinner This Sunday

Asifas Limud

Dinner Invitation

“3rd Grade Mechiras Yosef Production” – April 15

“YKOR Alumni Reunion” – April 8

“Eighth Grade Trip to IT”

“Electric Atmosphere” – March 9

Raffle Campaign

“Purim in Pre 1-A” – Feb 23

“2nd Grade Siyum Trip” – Feb 18

“Sunday Super Seder” – Feb 4

“The Building Has Begun!” – Jan 31

“8th Grade Chazarah Learning Program” – Jan 30

“Trip to the Bubble” – Jan 25

“Rabbi Biller’s Third Grade on Their Trip to New Bowl City” – Jan 18

“Seventh Grade Father and Son Breakfast” – Jan 14

“Eleventh Graders Giving Parsha Chaburas to the Eighth Grade” – Jan 12

“Sixth Grade Visit to First Grade” – Jan 11

“Rabbi Leff’s Visit to the First Grade” – Jan 7

“Snow Day-  Talmidim Learning with Rabbi Peikes” – Jan 4

“Pre 1-A’s Trip to Eretz Yisrael” – Dec 22

Menahel, Rabbi Rawicki, Giving out Dreidels to the 1st Graders” – Dec 19

“Eighth Grade Chanukah Mesibah in Rabbi Peikes’s House” – Dec 14

“Chesed Winners!” – Dec 6

“YKOR with Their Chesed Boxes”

“YKOR N’shei Tea!” – Nov 16

“Chesed 24/7 Food Drive” – Nov 7

“Rabbi Rawicki and Rabbi Sanders Addressing the Chesed Program” – Nov 6

“An Important Message” – Oct 17

“Rabbi Myski’s First Graders Working on Their Sukkos ArtsnCrafts” – Sep 28

“Daled Minim Mechirah” – Sep 28

“Rabbi Pruzansky’s Second Graders Blowing Shofer in Preparation of Rosh Hashana” – Sep 14

“Krav Maga – Exciting Afterschool Program Coming to YOR” – Sep 28

“Nit Checking Carnival” – Sep 1

“Kindergarten to Kollel & Beyond” – May 23

Middle School’s Science Fair – March 22

Going Skiing! – March 21

YDN’s Mishmor Members Celebrating a Siyum on Finishing the First Perek of Megilla – March 16

Kindergartners Creating A Real Nest and an Edible Nest When They Learned the Letter “NUN” – March 16

Rabbi Myski’s First Graders Celebrating a Siyum on Perek י“ג of Parshas לךלך – March 10

Purim in YDN – March 10

A Bowling Party! – March 9

Rabbi Plotzker’s Sixth Graders Making Tzizis – March 6

Rabbi Biller’s Third Graders Mechiras Yosef Play – March 5

Rabbi Lowy’s Fourth Graders Enjoying a Melava Malka in Rebbe’s House – March 4

YDN’s Trip to “The Bubble” – March 1

A Plea from Rabbi Biller our 3rd Grade Rebbe