YK Forms

After School Programs

Health Forms

 2022-2023 Medical Requirements For Registration

 Allergy History Form

 Care Plan: Asthma

 Care Plan: Bee Stings

 Care Plan: Food Allergies

 Dental Certificate

 Medication Authorization: Daily/Allergy Medications

 Medication Authorization: Over The Counter (Ex. Tylenol)

 Nit Checking Notice

 Required NYS School Health Examination Form

 State Immunization Requirements

Parent Handbook

 Parent Handbook

Student Leave

 Student Leave Request Form

Seforim, Supplies lists

 Seforim and Supplies List 22-23

Text Book Form

 Textbook Loan Request Form

Secular Book Lists

 List Of Approved Books – For Parents And Children

 Classic Books Analysis

 Complete List Of Approved And Unapproved Books – For Parents Only!

Transportation Forms

 East Ramapo Central School District-Bus Safety Info

 East Ramapo Transportation Form

 North Rockland Transportation Form

 Suffern Central Transportation Form

Miscellaneous Forms

 Tuition Assistance Application

 E-Rate Survey

 How To Cope With Sudden Crisis

 How To Help Children Feel Strong


 Pizza Sale

 Snow Day Program


 Upsherin Form

 Walking/Biking Permission Form

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